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Nena Woody Nena Woody
Nena Woody has been growing fruits and vegetables near Siler City, NC, for most of her 94 years. She still gardens heirloom-variety plants, saves her own seeds, and has a basement full of homemade canned goods. She describes herself as "just a common country lady who loves people and company." [view her profile]

Steve Moize Steve Moize
Steven Moize farms The Shady Grove Farm in Hurdle Mills, NC. He combinines a passion for sustainable agriculture with a deep ecological spirituality. An integration of biodynamic and permaculture techniques allows for a self-sufficient homestead, market garden, grass-fed livestock, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. [view his profile]

Elise Margoles Elise Margoles
Elise Margoles farms Elysian Fields Farm in Cedar Grove, NC. A strong advocate of direct marketing as well as local production and exchange, Elise sells her produce through her Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and at the Carrboro Farmers market. The farm focuses its energy on sustainably producing fresh, traditional and specialty varieties of fruits and vegetables. [view her profile]

Harvey Harman Harvey Harman
Harvey Harman farms Sustenance Farm in Chatham County, North Carolina, using permaculture and organic methods. Harvey helped start the Sustainable Farming Program at Central Carolina Community College, and also works on conservation-based land development and farmland/forestland preservation. [view his profile]

Alex Hitt Alex Hitt
Alex and and his wife Betsy have been growing cut flowers, small fruits, and vegetables for the Triangle market since 1981. A full time farmer, he works Peregrine Farm in the Eli Whitney community of Alamance County, NC. A member of the Carrboro Farmers Market since 1986, he is committed to building a local food system with the Market as the major outlet for their products. [view his profile]

Stanley Hughes Stanley Hughes
Stanley Hughes of Pine Knot Farm in Hurdle Mills, NC is the third generation in his family to raise tobacco on land his grandfather bought in the late 1920's. In 1996 he began growing organic tobacco for the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, maker of American Spirit cigarettes. He also grows vegetables including organic greens and sweet potatoes, which he sells at the Carrboro Farmers Market. [view his profile]


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